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Green Tree Nursery is a centre for babies and children. We also provide childcare services and serve NE15 West Denton, South Denton and Denton Burn and the surrounding areas.
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High-quality care 

Whether you’re looking for a day nursery for a baby, toddler or for a Pre-school child, come to us. Green Tree Nursery was established in 2002. We have recently upgraded our indoor and outdoor facilities to meet the needs of growing children. Our facilities  help children develop physically and mentally. 
Babies & 2-3's

Mission Statement

Our nursery caters for children aged 6 weeks to pre-school.  Our aim and objectives differ for each group.  However our aim is to provide the fullest and most comprehensive service to our children and families in a home from home environment.    Therefore with this in mind our mission is to: -

  •     To foster strong staff groupings ensuring staff bond and liaise, developing a firm team relationship
  •     To welcome all children, parents/carers into a happy caring, secure and stimulating environment.
  •     To love and care for ALL children regardless of background, religion, colour, creed and abilities.
  •     To provide a friendly atmosphere in which the children can develop their individual skills through play.
  •     To help the children develop and use language effectively and imaginatively. (nursery is involved with the every child is a talker programme).
  •     To provide every age group with effective learning situations which promote language, number, pre-reading, writing and scientific skills.
  •     To encourage links between nursery and families to support and benefit all parties concerned.
  •     To help the children to view the world around him/her with confidence and independence.
  •     To provide happy memories of childhood for children and parents alike.

To help us achieve this we are committed to:

  •    Employing committed and dedicated staff that will give 100% to the children, parents and nursery life in general
  •     We will provide staff with time together to develop, discuss and strengthen relationships ensuring good strong teamwork.
  •     Providing staff with opportunities to bond and develop outside of working hours, socially
  •     Providing the children with a wide range of stimulating, first hand experiences, activities and opportunities.
  •     Attending training and update sessions.
  •     Being sincere consistent and clear with communications to children, staff and parents.
  •     Observing and interacting with children and parents.
  •     Committing to, and working with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

If you are looking for a day nursery near you, call us on 0191 228 0000
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